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Name:Wild Adapter / Executive Committee Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fan community for Minekura Kazuya's Wild Adapter / Executive Committee


  • All posts must be related to Wild Adapter/Executive Committee in some way.

  • Non-worksafe content should be put behind a cut and include a warning.

  • Images and embedded videos should also go under a cut.

  • Music, scans and other media download posts must be locked .

  • All posts must be in English. If you want to share fic or something similar in other languages, it should be hosted in a different site or go under a cut; the text outside should still be in English and include a disclaimer.

  • RP ads are not allowed. For any other kind of ads please contact the mods first.

  • Bashing and/or being disrespectful to other community members will not be tolerated and will get you punched off the internets.

Feel free to PM Ame and/or Ankari with any questions or concerns you might have!

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anna, chara, executive committee, fujiwara, igarashi tohru, kasai, katsuragi, kazuya minekura, komiya nobuo, kou, kubota makoto, kubota/tokito, kubota/tokitoh, kubotoki, matsumoto, minekura kazuya, ookubo saori, ryuunosuke, sanada, sekiya jun, shiritsu araiso koutougakkou seitokai shikkobu, shounen ai, shouta, subtext, tachibana, takizawa ryouji, tatchan, tokito minoru, tokitoh minoru, wild adapter, ワイルドアダプター, 荒磯高等学校生徒会執行部
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